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Company National Tour

Updated: Jan 13

2024 is starting with a bang as I join the National Tour of Company, Marianne Elliott's Tony Award-winning revival of Stephen Sondheim and George Furth's musical. In this version, updated for the 21st century, Bobbie is a woman on her 35th birthday searching for answers about love, marriage, relationships, and being alive. She visits with various married couples throughout, exploring contemporary marriage. I play David, a rather square stay-at-home dad, married to Jenny, played by the lovely Emma Stratton.

It's my first time back out on tour since 2009. Touring is how I started my career, so even though I'll be far from home, it feels like a cozy return. Drop by if you happen to be along my tour route:

Greenville, SC - January 23-28

New Haven, CT - January 31-February 4

Des Moines, IA - February 6-11

Columbus, OH - February 13-18

Fayetteville, AR - February 20-25

St. Louis, MO - February 27-March 10

Washington, DC - March 12-31

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